TELC Language Exams

The TELC (The European Language Certificates) belongs to TELC nyelvvizsga logó the telc GmbH examination system. The TELC language exam carries great prestige throughout Europe and seriously enhances one's prospects in their studies and employment. At the Coventry House Language School one is able to take all three nationally recognized levels of the monolingual exam (B1 - intermediate, B2 - upper intermediate, C1 - advanced) in both English and German.


Why choose the TELC exam?

  • It gives you a nationally recognized and accredited certificate.
  • If you pass the combined exam, it also gives you a certificate that is internationally recognized.
  • It puts an emphasis on practical and creative language.
  • The written and oral exams are on the same day.
  • It can be used towards university admission, your degree, and also finding employment.
  • You can take an intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), or advanced (C1) exam.
  • It consists of relatively short, clear-cut tasks and a short oral exam.

To pass the exam at any level you must score at least 60% overall and at least 40% in each language skill.


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