"The make-up of the course is well organized; I am pleased with the style and explanations of the teachers." - Csamangó Zoltán

Coventry House gave us (the workers of Agroker Áruház Kft.) the opportunity to study in small groups, which really suited our needs. The teacher was able to give everyone individual attention and progress with everyone at their own pace. We were able to encourage our classmates and motivate each other to learn. The lessons were always held on time and had a good atmosphere. The teachers were always prepared, punctual, and meticulous. We gained a grammatically accurate and sophisticated use of the language along with a rich vocabulary. Our teacher placed the greatest emphasis on communication, which was the most beneficial for us. We now confidently use English at work." - Budai László

"I enjoy this language course. I get all the help I need in learning the language. Having a teacher and group that I know well means a lot. I am pleased with how my knowledge is progressing." - Gurabi Gyula

"Several employees at our company had the opportunity to take part in individual courses at The Coventry House Language School. We were all at different levels. We received course materials that were tailored to our needs and very practical, so our studies always gave us a real sense of achievement. The teachers were flexible, adapting to our schedules, and the lessons were always held exactly when we agreed. The classes had a pleasant atmosphere and took place in a comfortable setting with well-prepared teachers. Thanks to the well-organised courses, our knowledge grew considerably." - Gárdonyi Zoltán

"Pleasant lessons, prepared teachers, useful and practical material. Everything is great; I got exactly what I expected." - Gál Richárd

"I am very satisfied with the course. The teacher thinks of everything when teaching. The laid-back conversations and coursework refreshingly complement one another. The grammar is clear, the lectures are understandable, and the listening comprehension and practice help you to both master and reproduce the course material. The flexible times make learning even easier." - Pethő Árpád

"I am really pleased with the course; the lessons create a good atmosphere and the teachers are direct and patient. The conversational topics are good, because they can be used in our lives." - Varga Szilárd

"I studied here too, and I am now versed in over 6,000,000 forms of communication." - C3PO