Many people think that anyone who speaks a foreign language and has a good dictionary can translate from that language. However, it requires more than this to create precise and quality translations. The key to translating is conveying the original writer's thoughts in the most accurate way possible. To do this one needs to know the characteristics of the language's grammar, the language's logic, the culture of its speakers, as well as the special terminology of the subject.

Our translators all have advanced, specialised qualifications and field-specific knowledge. Our database only contains translators with professional training and excellent references. Thanks to this, we can guarantee a translation that is best suited to your needs.

Our language school handles, among other things, contracts, official documents, correspondence, reports, statements, scientific papers, product descriptions, CV's, as well as film scripts, advertisements, and software and website localisation.


Official and Certified Translations

We prepare official translations of both public and private documents. In this case, we provide a translation of the original document together with a bilingual proviso that testifies that the translation completely agrees in content and meaning with the original. Official translations are often accepted by embassies, banks, universities, and foreign offices, however when submitting certain documents (birth certificates, statements, certificates), a certified translation is necessary. In accordance with legislation, certified translations may exclusively be prepared by OFFI Zrt. in Hungary. Thus, we may not handle such translations. Nevertheless, an important consideration may be that, depending on the document being submitted, an official translation can be faster and less expensive than a certified one.

Before ordering, please always enquire as to whether the recipient requires an official translation!


Editing and Proofreading

For very important documents, such as contracts, brochures, and publications, it is worth employing an editor to ensure the final outcome is perfect. The editor's task is to examine the translation both professionally and grammatically, as well as compare the original and translation to ensure that the style and language are consistent. This is why we recommend that you ask for any document that has been translated to be edited, as it is only through the combined work of several experts that a flawless translation can be assured. In the case of proofreading, we only examine the translated document, then we correct or offer suggestions regarding the grammatical or stylistic mistakes.


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