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The BME language exam is a general, bilingual examination system developed byBME Nyelvvizsgaközpont logó the Language Institute of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. You can apply to take an intermediate, upper-intermediate, or advanced exam, all of which can be oral, written, or combined (oral and written). Only intermediate (B1) and upper intermediate (B2) level exams can be taken at our language school. Beyond this, you can choose whether to take a monolingual or a bilingual exam.


Why choose the BME language exam?

  • It gives you a nationally recognized and accredited certificate.
  • The exam sections can be taken separately (oral, written).
  • General monolingual and bilingual exams are at the same place.
  • It is examinee friendly.
  • You get extra points towards your university applications.
  • It can help you to get a job.

What is the BME language exam like?

  • text-centred
  • the types of task are permanent
  • the list of oral topics is public
  • the listening comprehension section is only two parts
  • you are allowed to use a dictionary
  • the scoring is reliable and predictable
  • anyone, 14 years of age or older can take the exam

You pass the exam if you score at least 60% overall and additionally score at least 40% for each skill, (speaking and listening comprehension, writing, reading comprehension).


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There are no tasks on the monolingual exams, which test the examinee's ability to switch between Hungarian and the foreign language (e.g. written translations)

The BME general MONOLINGUAL language exam content



On the bilingual language exams, there are tasks, which test the examinee's ability to switch between languages (Hungarian and the foreign language). For most goals, both the monolingual and bilingual certificates are appropriate.

The BME general BILINGUAL language exam content


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To apply, please visit to our office (Kecskemét, Budai u. 1.)
or send us a completed and signed application form by email!

The exam and processing fees are payable:
- in person at our customer service desk
- by bank transfer
- by pink-coloured postal money order (available at post offices)

For further information, please visit our office,
call us at 76/505-308 during the week between 8:00-18:00,
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