Our school

The Coventry House Language School was Kecskemét's first language school. In 1989, at the dawn of the regime change and when the creation of private enterprises became possible, our school was founded as a family business. Since then, it has been the city's and the region's dominate language school. Unique in the region, native speakers have been helping our students to learn languages in the most effective way since we opened. Since 1992, our school has consistently earned the "Certified and Recommended Language School" title. We have also consistently earned The Professional Association of Language Schools' European Language label, which is governed by an extremely strict rating system. Besides our school, there are only a few language schools in the capital that meet these standards. Throughout our 25 years of existence, we have worked and will continue to work for community-building and quality language education. Our classrooms and office are expanding and we have well-equipped and modern facilities for the comfort of our students. Also, we are especially proud of the numerous jobs that we have created through our continuous development.

Why exactly the name "Coventry House"?

Kecskemét's English twin town is none other than Coventry. At the time of our school's founding, Kecskemét's relationship with Britain was established through these ties. Coventry represented the gate to the English language and the Anglo-Saxon culture. Alongside many other events, language teachers from Kecskemét travelled to Coventry and native speakers from Coventry came to Kecskemét. We took the name, "Coventry House Language School" to indicate the importance of the native speakers' culture and to symbolize that our school helps to establish relationships with the English and other cultures and aids international cooperation.

Since then, every time the mayor of Coventry has visited Kecskemét, his trip has included a visit to our school.

Our story, or where we have come from

It has been proven true, especially in the years following the regime change, that if you could speak foreign languages, new opportunities would open up for you. Knowing languages was the key to self-assertion, fast advancement and creating international relationships. In other words, it opened new paths to success. The story of the Coventry House Language School started here.

Native speaker teachers, who we invited from several countries, came and taught our students in our first classrooms. At this point, we were still in a three-room apartment on the third floor. The language teachers that arrived in Hungary at this time were adventurous and free-thinking individuals. They brought not only bits of their culture with them, but also their "western way of thinking". There was great interest with our students going to Kecskemét's first language school, not merely in learning a language, but also in the lively cultural community that had emerged.

We started an English-language drama club, which was an excellent place to learn situational language and unwind. Following the positive experiences, we organised a two-week international continuing education course for teachers called Drama Plus. It was accomplished with the leadership of Ken Wilson, an English dramatist, theatre director and textbook author. We have organised the program several times and have been fortunate to have welcomed 135 participants from 26 countries. Besides this, considerations of professionalism and quality have been the most important in our operation. We were founding members of The Professional Association of Language Schools, whose rating system won the European Language label. We became the Hungarian representative of the Trinity College London language exam and then a national examination centre. The coordination of exam locations and organization of exams gave us considerable experience, which we later utilized during our language exam accreditation.

We soon outgrew our classrooms and our office, so we moved to our present location, in the centre of Kecskemét. In the following years we have become an accredited testing centre for several language exams, including the BME (since 2002), the TELC (since 2008), the LEXINFO (since 2009), and the Goethe-Institute German language exam (since 2009). Thanks to our professional work collecting materials and technological investments, our language school has a library with more than 5,000 books, as well as audio and video, an interactive whiteboard, and air-conditioned classrooms at our students' disposal. We are in continuous contact with the Hungarian representative of the French company WESCO. Our children's classroom is equipped with WESCO educational games and furniture.

Our language school consists of more than fifty contracted teachers, two directors of studies, and five office employees. Our team is continually expanding. Our teachers must meet strict requirements: including a professional interview and trial lessons. We provide on-going training for our teachers and both our directors of studies help them and oversee their work.

Decide for yourself, whether you want to come to our school and discover new parts of the world with your newfound knowledge, build up your contacts, and develop your ability to assert yourself.

This is an investment that is sure to pay off.