Language Exam Preparation

Language exam preparation courses are intensive and are designed according to the structure and requirements of a specific test. In order to apply for an exam preparation course, like with all of our courses, you must complete a level-assessment test, however, for this specific course you must also score appropriately to enrol in the course. The level-assessment is free and does not carry any obligations.

  • For each exam we offer 10 or 40-hour courses before every exam period.
  • The courses are led by teachers who are also examiners, which helps better prepare students for the exam.
  • The testing and feedback is continuous, so the students receive individual recommendations to address any problems or difficulties that they have.

However, we must stress that these courses are not for people struggling with a several year gap in their learning. They are to prepare students to successfully take the exam. So above all, we expect students to possess the vocabulary and grammar necessary for the exam.

We are currently organizing preparation courses
for the BME and TELC exams in both English and German!


Practice Exam Opportunities

  • We hold exams at prearranged times
  • that are administered by a professional and experienced examiner
  • and conform to the structure of the actual test, but for a fraction of the price.

You will find out how well you would do on the exam and what you still need to work on.
You will also receive advice on how to pass the exam.


To apply or for further information, please feel free to contact us!
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